I have been providing spirit to spirit communication through intuitive readings since 1996.  It is one of the great joys in my life.   I consider it an honor to offer this ability I have in service to all who seek greater awareness in any aspect of their lives

When I provide a intuitive reading, I am looking at the your present time energy and sharing with you what I see.  I do this by recognizing the energy you are showing me and translating it from energetic information into verbal communication you can understand.  This communication can take many forms: images, words, phrases, and colors.

This information is yours and may only have meaning to you, so embrace it.  As you open more to deeper levels of information, you allow me to share with you the underlying causes that are activating your energy.

My intention is to offer a space in which you feel safe, honored and free to receive your communication with amusement and excitement.

As a result of your session you may find your answers, open up to wondering, release energies that no longer serve you and often times find your amusement and laugh.

Through your reading you will be empowerment to move forward with increased clarity, validation and permission.



First – Select Your Appointment Time

CLICK HERE to send an email with the dates and times you would like to have your session and I will respond with to confirm your appointment.


Second – Pay For Your Session

1 Hour Session is $200 & includes a digital recording of your appointment.
All payments must be received prior to each session.


Third – Call For Your Reading

Call 303-335-0466 at your confirmed appointment time.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


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