We are all in transition of one type or another nearly all the time. Some are the more everyday type of transitions such as from sleeping to awake or from working to relaxing while others happen less frequently such as from married to divorced, working to unemployed or even moving say from New York to Los Angeles.  Big or small, there is always some transition in play.

Many transitions are ones we like and are excited about while others are not of our choosing. No matter how they show up, they tend to test us and stretch us.  To say the least, they can be challenging.

Many Personal Transitions

Without planning on it, I have personally specialized in what most folks consider the bigger variety of transitions in my life.

These transitions have included:

  • Changing employers more than 25 times
  • Moving to 20+ different addresses in 10 states and one foreign country
  • Experiencing my share of romantic relationships including a 3 year engagement that ultimately became a dis-engagement
  • Having well over 30 family members die, including my father, all before I was 22 years old.

As a result of all this personal experience with such life-changing transitions, I ended up developing a process for navigating transitions of all sizes with more ease and grace.

It’s About The Goo!

I discovered there is this icky, yucky, annoying and often depressing stuff that accompanies most all of the bigger transitions in life and I call it Goo.  Goo is limiting. Goo is nasty.  And we all know Goo is sticky.  This Goo is the main reason most people don’t like transitions.  In fact we resist them.

Freeing You From The Goo Process

The Freeing You From The Goo Process is the result of years of training, teaching and my own personal journey.  This journey has allowed me to develop a unique, powerful and (believe it or not) enjoyable step-by-step approach to navigating transitions with power and purpose.  It is my pleasure to share this process with you!

Through the Freeing You From The Goo Process you will learn to find your amusement and stay in the flow while facing adversity.  You will become confident in trusting your gut as the guidance system for living your life. You’ll learn how to embrace that you being you is the best gift you can ever give anyone.  And that being honest with yourself is the key to happiness for you and a gift for everyone else in your life as well.

As a result of this 8-step process you will discover that transitions are gifts disguised as disasters.  You will become free from restrictions that have held you back in the past.  Whether that be rocky relationships, unsteady finances, uncertainty about your life path or any other issue with which you have been struggling.

Here are the 8 steps in the Freeing You From The Goo Process:

  • Call Out Your Fears – I Promise “You Won’t Burst Into Flames”
  • Find Your Amusement In The Goo
  • Focus on What You Want
  • Reconnect With Your Source
  • Why Are You Still Attached To The Goo?
  • Clear Away The Goo – “No” Is The New “Yes”
  • Giving Up All Hope of a Better Yesterday
  • Living Your Goo-Free Life!

Private Consultations

The private one on one consultation you receive as part of the Freeing You From The Goo Process is an amazing opportunity to work directly with me (the Goo-master).  This is your chance to dig deep and take big steps toward reaching your goals.

I will work with you to identify what is the Goo that is hiding the real you, to bring your awareness to the false programming that makes up the Goo and teach you tools to empower you to dissolve away these limitations, bringing your unique essence to light.

The Freeing You From The Goo Process is designed with time between each session to allow you to integrate the new level of freedom you experience from each meeting.  Living your answers and then meeting to discuss and receive validation of your experience is the most powerful way to step through adversity and into your brilliance.

Your Free Discovery Call

Click here to notify me of your interest in a free Discovery Call so we can discuss your goals and you can find out more details about the Freeing You From The Goo Process.  You will receive an email with my available schedule in reply.